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  •   Steven Kotler – YouTube – March 16, 2015. 12:43 Minutes
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About Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler is an American author, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is best known for the New York Times bestseller The Rise of Superman and Stealing Fire. Kotler is well regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on Ultimate Human Performance and Flow. He is also the Co-Founder of the Flow Genome Project, an interdisciplinary, global organization committed to mapping the genome of Flow by 2020.


Quite simply, the zone (FLOW) is the only reason extreme athletes are surviving the big mountains, the big waves, and big rivers. When you are pushing the limits of ultimate human performance, the choice is stark: It’s flow or die.

…When it comes to riding 100-foot waves and hucking 100-foot cliffs, …these danger-fueled activities require incredible psychological and intellectual talents: grit, fortitude, courage, creativity, resilience, cooperation, critical thinking, pattern recognition, high-speed “hot” decision making – all under some of the most extreme conditions imaginable.

….Of all the things these athletes have accomplished, nothing is more impressive than their mastery of the state known to researchers as FLOW.

In flow, every action, each decision, leads effortlessly, fluidly, seamlessly to the next.

“Flow naturally catapults you to level you’re not naturally in,” explains Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist New Hallowell.

“Flow naturally transforms a weakling into muscleman, a sketcher into an artist, a dancer into a ballerina, an ordinary person into someone extraordinary.”

…Flow is an optimal state of consciousness…Researchers now believe that flow sits at the heart of almost every athletic championship, underpins major scientific breakthroughs, and accounts for significant progress in the arts.

World leaders have sung the praises of flow. Fortune 500 CEO’s have built corporate philosophies around the state. …Psychologists have found that people who have the most flow in their lives are the happiest on earth.

….There are a great number of on-ramps into flow…For writers, poets, painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, composers, etc., creativity is their frequent gateway.

…A ten-year study done by McKinsey found top executives reported being up to five times more productive when in flow.

(McKinsey Quarterly, January 2013)

Put differently, a recent Gallup survey found that 71 percent of American workers were “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their jobs.   

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