Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking

Chapter 4 – Try Prayer Power

Alert people everywhere are finding that by trying prayer power they feel better, work better, do better, sleep better and are better.

A small business man in New York City worked out a simple formula for solving his problems and overcoming his difficulties. The formula is (1) PRAYERIZE, (2) PICTURIZE, (3) ACTUALIZE.

By prayerize a friend of mine meant he talked it over with God very simply and directly in prayer. He did not talk with God as to some far-off shadowy being but conceived of God as being with him in his office, in his home, on the street. He did not kneel to offer his prayers but would, for example, say to God as to a close associate, “What will I do about this, Lord?” or “Give me a fresh insight on this, Lord.”

The second point is to picturize. The man who assumes success tends already to have success. People who assume failure tend to have failure. To assure something worthwhile happening, first pray about it and test it according to God’s will; then print a picture of it on your mind as happening, holding the picture firmly in consciousness. Practice believing and continue to hold the picturization firmly in your thoughts. Do this and you will be astonished at the strange ways in which the picturization comes to pass. In this manner the picture actualizes.   

One of the important functions of prayer is as a stimulus to creative ideas.

Prayer power is a manifestation of energy. Just as there exist scientific techniques for the release of atomic energy, so are there scientific procedures for the release of spiritual energy through the mechanism of prayer.

Personally I believe that prayer is a sending out of vibrations from one person to another and to God. All of the universe is in vibration. When you send out a prayer for another person, you employ the force inherent in a spiritual universe. In our brains we have about two billion little storage batteries. The human brain can send off power by thoughts and prayers. The human body’s power has actually been tested. We have thousands of little sending stations, and when they are turned up by prayer it is possible for tremendous power to flow through a person and to pass between human beings. We can send off power by prayer which acts as both a sending and receiving station.

It is important to realize that you are dealing with the most tremendous power in the world when you pray.

Experts in physical health and well-being often utilize prayer in their therapy. Disability, tension, and kindred troubles may result from a lack of inner harmony. It is remarkable how prayer restores the harmonious function of the body and soul. Prayer power driven deeply into your subconscious can remake you.  

A young married woman admitted she was filled with hates, jealousy and resentment toward neighbors and friends. I suggested that the practice of real prayer could change her life. Prayer revamped her life, and she wrote me a letter that included ten rules for effective prayer.

  1. Set aside a few minutes every day. Do not say anything. Simply practice thinking of God. This will make your mind spiritually receptive.
  2. Then pray orally, using simple, natural words. Tell God anything that is on your mind. Talk to God in your own language. He understands it.
  3.  Do not always ask when you pray, but instead affirm that God’s blessings are being given.
  4.    Never use a negative thought in prayer. Only positive thoughts get results.

Chapter 17 – How to Draw upon That Higher Power

This Higher Power is one of the most amazing facts in human existence. I am awestruck, no matter how many times I have seen the phenomenon, by the thorough-going, tremendous, overwhelming changes for good that it accomplishes in the lives of people. I could recite story after story, incident after incident of those who by laying hold of this power have had a new birth of life.  

For many years I have been interested in the problem of the alcoholic and in the organization known as Alcoholics Anonymous. One of their basic principles is that before a person can be helped he must recognize that he is an alcoholic and that of himself he can do nothing; that he has no power within himself; that he is defeated. When he accepts this point of view he is in a position to receive help from other alcoholics and from the Higher Power – God.

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