Napoleon Hill


Thomas Edison became famous for his power naps.

As he was drifting into sleep, he believed that his subconscious would provide inspiration to solve any problem he was working on. If he went too deeply into sleep, he had ball-bearings in his hands. His hands would open and the ball-bearings would wake him by clanging on metal garbage can tops.


Napoleon Hill was an Atlanta reporter. Hill’s idea was to work with Carnegie, the richest man in the world at that time, and interview more than 100 of the most successful Americans to analyze what made them so successful. Hill spent more than twenty years interviewing three U.S. presidents – Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and William Howard Taft; top scientists that included Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell; as well as the world’s top industrialists – Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, James J. Hill, Charles Schwab, and Andrew Carnegie. Over the years, Hill created a fifteen-step training course on the science of the mind and ways to use the hidden powers of one’s mind to succeed.

Central to his approach was learning from top scientists, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell. The book was published in 1925, almost 100 years ago. What Hill reports would present breakthrough ideas if it was published today. Edison experimented with atoms and energy and knew that a piece of steel was electrons and neutrons rotating at the speed of light, and so was an idea. Both Edison and Bell learned of the untapped powers of our minds, that our minds somehow receive ideas from outside, and that somehow, men and women working together, somehow telepathically (He never uses that word), use “the Law of Attraction” and reach unheard of levels of success as a team of MasterMinds.

Chemistry of the Mind

It is this author’s belief that the mind is made up of the same universal “fluid” energy as that which constitutes the ether which fills the universe…The highest known form of energy is that which functions as the human mind.

Mr. Edison has such a keen insight into Nature’s Bible that he has harnessed and combined more of Nature’s laws than any other person now living or who ever lived. (It may be Edison who will eventually enable man to pick up and correctly interpret the vibrations of thought which are now recorded in the boundless universe of ether, just as he enabled man to record and reproduce the spoken word.)  

If thought waves are similar to the wireless waves, they must pass from the brain and flow endlessly around the world and the universe.

Every Mind Both a Broadcasting and a Receiving Station

This author has proved, times too numerous to enumerate, to his own satisfaction, that every human brain is both a broadcasting and a receiving station for vibrations of thought frequency….Every mind or brain, is directly connected with every other brain by means of the ether. Every thought released by any brain may be instantly picked up and interpreted by all other brains that are “en rapport” with the sending brain.

The late Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the long distance telephone and one of the accepted authorities in the subject of vibration…supports the author’s theories:

“Any person, who has made observations on the state of progress of the human mind, by observing his own, cannot but have observed that there are two distinct classes of what are called Thoughts: those that we produce in ourselves by reflection and the act of thinking, and those that bolt into the mind of their own accord. I have always made it a rule to treat these voluntary visitors with civility, taking care to examine…if they were worth entertaining; and it is from them I have acquired almost all the knowledge that I have. (Highlighting added by GIFT.)

What means of conveyance is there for such visitors except the ether? Ether fills the boundless space of the universe. It is the medium of conveyance for all forms of vibration such as sound, light and heat. Why should it not be, also, the medium of conveyance of the vibration of Thought?

Molecules, Atoms and Electrons

There is no “solid” physical matter. The hardest piece of steel is but an organized mass of revolving molecules, atoms and electrons.

On Master Minds

When two or more people harmonize their minds and produce the effect known as a “Master Mind,” each person in the group becomes vested with the power to contact with and gather knowledge through the “subconscious” minds of all the other members of the group. This power becomes immediately noticeable, having the effect of stimulating the mind to a higher rate of vibration and otherwise evidencing itself in the form of a more vivid imagination and the consciousness of what appears to be a sixth sense. It is through this sixth sense that new ideas will “flash” into the mind.  (Highlighting added by GIFT.)

If the entire group has met for the purpose of discussing a given subject, ideas concerning that subject will come pouring into the minds of all present, as if an outside influence were dictating them. The minds of those participating in the “Master Mind” become as magnets, attracting ideas and thought stimuli of the most highly organized and practical nature from no one knows where.

Through the blending of two or more minds, in a spirit of PERFECT HARMONY, the principle of mind chemistry may be made to develop sufficient power to enable the individuals whose minds have been thus blended to perform seemingly superhuman feats.

“Master Mind.” Each mind, through the principle of mind chemistry, stimulates all the other minds in the group, until the mind energy thus becomes so great that it penetrates to and connects with the universal energy known as ether, which in turn, touches every atom of the entire universe.

All the so-called geniuses gained their reputations because they formed alliances with other minds which enabled them to “step up” their own mind vibrations… to contact the vast Temple of Knowledge recorded and filed in the ether of the universe.

“With the aid of a small reading glass you can teach yourself a great lesson on the value of organized effort. Through the use of such a glass you can focus the sun-rays on a definite spot so strongly that they will burn a hole through a plank.”   The Law of Success

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