What Is Reality?

The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness

Ervin Laszlo


By Stanislav Grof

It has become increasingly clear that we are currently experiencing a major paradigm shift comparable in its scope and importance to the Copernican revolution. In the course of the twentieth century, various disciplines of modern science amassed an extraordinary array of observations that cannot be accounted for or adequately explained in terms of the materialistic world view.  

Chapter I – Cosmos

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shifts come about in science from time to time – fundamental shifts in the way scientists perceive reality.

…The emerging paradigm suggests a radically new conception of the nature of reality.

The Waning of the Classical Paradigm

The current and now obsolete, but in some respects still dominant paradigm is the inheritance of classical physics. …This concept has been challenged by the relativity revolution in the first decade of the twentieth century, and by the quantum revolution in the third.

The Nature of the New Paradigm

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, we can describe the basic tenets of the new paradigm. …The fundamental reality is not matter but energy and the laws of nature are not rules of mechanistic interaction but “instructions” or “algorithms” coding patterns of energy.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,” said Nikola Tesla in 1942, “think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” This insight was seconded by the great physicist Max Planck in 1944.

…Tesla’s proposition, that to find the secrets of the universe we must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, together with Planck’s statements – that there is nothing in the world we can call “matter,” …presupposes the presence of a conscious and intelligent Mind – are the premises of the basic scheme that, according to Einstein, scientists seek to tie together the observed facts. Explored and elaborated, it gives us the most faithful map we have ever had of the fundamental nature of reality.

Basic Tenets

In the new map of the cosmos, there is no such thing as “matter.” There are only “matter-like” entities constituted of clusters of coordinated vibration.

Intelligence at the Ground State of the Cosmos

The coordination of the clusters of vibration indicates nonrandomness at the heart of reality. The clusters are “in-formed” by a factor we identify (as does Planck) as an underlying cosmic intelligence.

The presence of intelligence at the heart of reality is a familiar tenet in religious and spiritual systems. In the Old Testament of the Abrahamic religions, it is the logos – “the Word” – that is…God.

For the Chinese belief system, the cosmic intelligence is the Tao; for the Hindu system it is Brahman, for Buddhism it is Dharmakaya, and for the African and pre-Columbian belief systems, it is the Great Spirit that resides at the heart of all things in nature.

About Laszlo’s What Is Reality?

By dissolving the boundaries between the study of natural science, the mind, and spirituality, Laszlo makes the case for a realm beyond spacetime, a place he calls the Akashic Holofield. This primordial ground of the cosmos holds all memory and thought in the universe, creating an interconnected and harmonious complex of systems that facilitates unlimited communication and evolution of consciousness among all beings.     

Gary Zukav on Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo’s Map of Reality offers a substantially new scientific concept to replace the most commonly held beliefs around the world.

…We have come to an entirely new circumstance in human history. An expanded perception is emerging in hundreds of millions of individuals that is not confined to the limitations of the five senses.

What Is Reality…does not deny or condemn the expanded, multisensory experiences of millions. On the contrary: it begins with them and seeks a cogent explanation that can help us explore them more deeply, that opens the portals of awe and leaves them open. It begins the discussion that could transform the five-sensory (empirical) discipline of science into the multisensory investigation of new multisensory experiences that are coming to the foreground of human awareness.


Alexander Laszlo (Ervin Laszlo’s son)

Seeking Syntony with the Intelligence of the Cosmos

The meaning of existence, according to the conclusions on the basis of the new map of reality, is to participate in and enable the evolution of consciousness. Participating in and enabling the evolution of consciousness lends meaning to existence in the world.

The paradoxical nature of the new understanding is due to the fact that the map charts territories beyond those portrayed by the five senses.

Group behavior in animals often demonstrates the levels of coherence. A school of herring, a murmuration of starlings, a herd of zebra – all act as one, with such coordination that the whole group seems to be one organism.

Practices of Attunement – Ways of Tuning into the Deep Dimension

How do we make ourselves available to the in-formation that reaches us from the cosmos? …Doing so is the simplest and most natural thing in the world, but at the same time, it requires focus, attention, and above all, practice. Quieting the monkey-mind, releasing into the moment and allowing our perceptions to flow with whatever arises in our field of awareness accords with the teachings of “mindfulness.”

When you achieve a higher level of attunement you are filled with:

  1.   Passion: vibrant, intense and compelling enthusiasm
  2. Integrity: dignity or elevation of character
  3. Grace: simple elegance, considerateness and a composed way of being
  4. Control: personal mastery in (not of) the situations in which you find yourself
  5. Flow: tuning your actions and attitudes to harmonize with your surroundings.

“Is there a spiritual dimension to our lives? Is there purpose behind the creation of the universe, beyond space and time? Laszlo’s map of reality challenges the materialistic view, pushing mainstream science to explore beyond its existing boundaries.”

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

There is a soul force in the Universe, which  if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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