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Gift Connect

Early Childhood Development

Birth to Age 3

Dramatize the proven science of Birth to 3. Deliver limitless potential to every baby.

In 2017, Sam met George Halvorson, the former CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Permanente. Halvorson is one of the top scientists and health care professionals in the world. Thanks to Halvorson, the proven science of Birth to 3 and Early Childhood Development have become the mission of GIFT CONNECT, Sam and TEAM’s new nonprofit.

Accomplishing big goals is only possible with a great team. 

“I THINK BIG and I’m the energizer bunny, but success always depends on THE TEAM. The team’s skills and excellence are the cornerstone of changing millions of lives.” Sam Beard

Sam Beard


Always Excellent



Never More Than 50 People

Today – Small and Growing

Judy Otter

Chief Operating Officer

After a successful ballet career, Judy excelled in business. In 2009 judy began working with, film star, Gary Sinise and formed the Gary Sinise foundation to support veterans. Together they raised over 155 million dollars and helped thousands of veterans.

In 2019, Judy created her own consulting company and joined the GIFT. 


Judy Otter


  • Always Excellent
  • Results - Oriented
  • Passionate
  • Small but powerful

 Sam has always united passionate, talented and goal oriented people into amazing teams and GIFT-CONNECT is his best team so far. 

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