My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts for Creating the Life You Long to Live

Barbara Ann Brennan

Editor’s Foreword

I believe that Barbara Brennan could easily be regarded as the most influential hands-on healer and clairvoyant of the 21st century.

Core Light Healing is about the creative process to manifest the life of your dreams!


To release your creative core energies, you need to learn to honor your soul’s longing, the deeper source of light, love, and life within you.

This book is about how to re-create your life (and your health) into the life of your dreams by understanding and then utilizing your life energy fields, which are, after all, ACTUALLY YOU!  

My Path, My Life

I was born in Oklahoma in a shack on a large wheat farm….We moved from state to state, and I ended up in Wisconsin. At a young age, I constantly questioned everything about reality, to the annoyance of everyone around me. …I definitely was not interested in being like everyone else – even in high school. …We were supposed to study home economics. I wanted to study physics and math. …Since my parents had no money to pay for college, I started to work at age twelve. …I was a babysitter, waitress and factory worker. …I switched from a state college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I earned my BS degree in physics and then my MS degree from the meteorology department.

I focused on the physics of the upper atmosphere. My master’s thesis work was to design and build the omnidirectional infrared radiometer that was flown on the Tiros III satellite, the third satellite the U.S. launched. My first job after college was as a NASA research physicist at Goddard Space Flight Center. This was very early in NASA’s days. I worked on remote sensing instruments that flew on the Nimbus 2 satellite. The MRIR measured radiation from the earth in five different wavelength bands, ranging from the ultraviolet through the visible to the infrared ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. …In fact, I was the only woman physicist in my division for several years…

Later I became interested in inner space and psychological processes. I began taking weekend classes in bioenergetics. I started training as a bioenergetics therapist at the Institute of Psychological Synthesis in Washington, DC.

I learned to perceive the human energy fields. (HEFs). One of the people who ran the training group I joined was blind from cataracts. But she could clearly see and describe the flow of energy through the bodies of the students in the group.

I continued to hone my skills by methodically observing how my high energy field functioned when I used my high sense perception (HSP) to observe my clients. HSP is simply a way to receive information through the use of the natural built-in senses that we already have but most people simply do not acknowledge, much less know how to use. I coined the phrase high sense perception because at the time the words psychic or clairvoyant implied weird stuff.

I was very surprised about how systematically and logically the human energy fields functioned. I noticed how similar the human energy field and the natural energy fields I measured with the MRIR at Goddard appeared to be.        

I learned a lot about people’s energetic habitual defense systems that eventually cause their physical health issues.

New ideas take some time to get used to, especially ones that affect us personally. …Science has freed us from many of the old ways. …More recently, with the Cassini probe, it has been discovered that there is more water in the interstellar space than on the earth. Wow, that’s a new one! The reason to look for water is that it is intimately associated with biological life. So why do we not assume that life, even intelligent life, is everywhere rather than rare? Why not say, “Life must come in many forms! Life is probably everywhere! Let’s try to find it in its many surprising forms!” Someday, with the help of science, we will develop instruments to find and measure the energy consciousness fields that are an intimate part of life.

As the 1970s began, I became more interested in inner space. During my training, I started seeing colors and forms throughout the interior and around the body. I never considered this to be mysterious. It is not. We are in the infancy stage of exploiting the life energy fields. In Hands of Light, I wrote about experiencing the energy fields surrounding everything in nature – trees, plants, animals. For myself, after years of observations, the life energy fields became a normal part of life. Soon we will develop instruments to measure them.


Moving Beyond the Physical World of Three Dimensions

Because I lived on a farm, I was intimately aware of the existence of cycles of life. …The natural world seemed to flow in unending cycles of life, each cycle unique and essential to all others. I tried to walk through the woods with my eyes closed, trying to “see” or “feel” the trees before running into them. I got confused because I felt the trees long before I got very close to them. …In the summer, when I tried to see the trees with my eyes closed, they looked like large green envelopes of light. In the fall, the envelopes turned red. …After a while, I got used to seeing it with my eyes open, and just assumed that everyone did. It was nothing special to me. I could see if the trees were happy or sad (from a child’s perspective) thirsty or hungry, sick or healthy.

The change was rhythmic, natural, and always occurred first with the movement of light and energy around and through everything. Then the physical phenomena would follow. I saw that these cycles exist everywhere – within, around, between, and in association with everything. As I continued my observations as an adult, I realized that the energy consciousness phenomena always preceded the physical.      

Humankind is taking its first baby steps from living in a physical, psychological, and mental orientation of self and the world to living with a greater awareness of energy consciousness and how it creates and influences our world. …It requires letting go of most of our basic assumptions about “the way things are.”

The Human Energy-Consciousness System (HECS)

The Human Energy Field (HEF)

The structure of the Human Energy-Consciousness System is quite simple. There are four major aspects or dimensions of HECS. The four dimensions are:

  •   The core star
  •   The hara
  •   The human energy field
  •   The physical body.

The Core Star

The core star dimension is our natural divine source of life; it is the source of life within us. Both in the center of the core star and its perimeter that stretches out infinitely is what I call the “black velvet void.” The black velvet void is teeming with the un-manifest life. It is full of unimaginable power: it is the source of all manifestation and all around us. …On the personal spiritual level, we tap into it with a clear intention to create life, what we want in life, and our awakening.

The Hara

The next dimension in which we live is the hara. The hara dimension is experienced as intention or purpose. …The hara plays a role in our moment-to-moment intentionality.

The Human Energy Field (HEF)

Many readers will recognize what I call the HEF as the auric field or the energy body.

The Physical Body

The physical body is nested in the Human Energy Field and is completely dependent on the three deeper dimensions for its origin, its life, its growth, its shape, and its health. …The physical body cannot exist without them. This is true of all life-forms in the physical world. Each cell, including everything in the cell, has a core star and a hara. Each has a purpose for its life.

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