“Many people guide the present: the exceptional create the future. With his energy and enthusiasm, Sam is exceptional.


“Sam Beard is a friendly hurricane. He is a strong force for good who aspires to be a major global player

CHADE-MENG TAN, Co-Chair, One Billion Acts Of Peace



CONNECT sets out Sam’s and GIFT’s (the new nonprofit) major 15-to-20 year global initiative: Connect with Self. Connect with Others. Connect with The Universe.
This is a global collaborative campaign to engage and invite one billion new people to discover and activate their inbuilt capacities and reach greater happiness in the upcoming fifteen to twenty years.


HOW TO offers simple, but major self-awareness and self-empowerment tools collected from many of the world’s top experts.

On his five-year journey, Sam has collected jewels of wisdom from dozens of remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving the human condition. Some are distinguished experts in their fields while others reflect the fact that sometime the greatest teachings come more spontaneously from the most unlikely of sources.
Sam’s DNA is to serve. Sam hopes that you find these basic self-awareness and self-empowerment tools and exercises to be as valuable as he did. They are all simple, practical and easy-to-use.
  1. Test yourself. Are you a balanced and successful person?
  2. If you are stressed or deal with high anxiety, are you interested in trying to sleep better and manage your stress?
  3. Science shows that your sub conscious is 50% programmed by age four and 65% percent programmed by age 8. You feel that you are in charge of your life, but these programs mostly control your behavior. Change is hard, but it begins through awareness. Interested?
  4. Sam has read more than 300 books of every variety. Here are his favorite 12 with brief synopses. Sam found each to be world changing. See if any of these ideas capture your imagination.
  5. Sam found the pace and breadth of scientific discovery to be awe-inspiring. In one generation, Sam believes that our whole view of reality will change. What do you think?

Your Big Idea To Change The World.

YOUR IDEA TO CHANGE THE WORLD – Step-By-Step is a personal invitation to help you find your purpose in life and help you implement your ideas to make a difference.

Sam’s 50 plus years of service stands out because he takes BIG IDEAS and turns them into action and results. Sam’s point is SO CAN YOU. Here’s how -Step-by-step.

Sam’s magic isn’t magic. It’s a simple formula that anyone can follow. THINK BIG. Have the attitude YES I CAN. CREATE A SIMPLE PLAN. GET STARTED. For the ideas, follow your heart. Let your heart and intuition find goals that are your goals, your passion. Keep everything SIMPLE. All Sam’s ideas for the presidents came to him intuitively and they were all SIMPLE. No BIG BRAINIAC is required. Sam is not one. He’s a hard-working C+ average. Then Sam applies four main “secrets to success.”

  1. A positive and joyous attitude which excites and enlists others
  2. Be willing to work hard
  3. Be willing to persist over time
  4. Adjust your plan as you learn by doing

In 1990, Leadership Delaware asked Sam to take what he had done to create and then chair programs for the presidents of the United States (Four presidents at that time: Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan). That was the beginning of the idea of translating Sam’s leadership into tools and ‘How To’s’ for others.

In 1973, Sam, with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and U.S. Senator Robert Taft. Jr., launched the Jefferson Awards to create a Nobel Prize for service in America. In 2006, Sam began partnering with Deloitte to use the prestige of that organization to begin training young Americans – mostly high school students – leadership and service. Over the past 13 years, these training materials have impacted more than one million young Americans and have become time-tested to help YOU take your idea to impact others. Step-by-step – Make YOUR IDEA a life-changing experience for you and generate results you never dreamed of. Do you want to know more?

About Sam

ABOUT SAM presents Sam’s profile and his 50-year career with the 8 Presidents.

In 2014, renowned public servant Sam Beard went through a devasting personal crisis.

By 2015, the crisis was solved. To wrestle with stress, Sam went inside and a whole new world of mindfulness and meditation and discovery of the untapped powers of our minds transformed his life. Sam is grateful for the crisis, and finds himself on a new global journey.

For five years, Sam has traveled the world, meeting world experts, attending seminars and conferences, all for the purpose to mine the inner secrets of the untapped power of the human mind.



If you have a big idea to change the world, I would love to hear from you.

Sam Beard, President GIFT Global, Suite 7265 1201 N. Orange Street Wilmington, DE 19801

Cell 302-545-1677 | Email: sam@sambeardgift.org | Skype: s.beard624 | Website: sambeard.org | giftglobal.org


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